Jewelry Care

To preserve the luster and lifespan of your jewelry please treat it like the unique treasure it is. Follow these rules of thumb to enjoy your jewelry for years to come.

Remove your jewelry

  • Before strenuous or impactful activities such as gardening, exercise, or housework

  • When entering a chlorinated pool or hot tub

  • When using bleach or household chemicals

  • When bathing or washing hands to avoid soapy buildup

Store your jewelry

  • In separate pouches so hard gemstones (such as diamonds) do not scratch neighboring pieces

  • Silver jewelry should be stored in an airtight, ziplock bag to prevent the development of tarnish


  • Have your jewelry professionally cleaned annually

  • Check your jewelry often and evaluate the condition of your gemstones. Bring the piece to a jewelry professional if you suspect a gemstone is loose

  • Consult a jewelry professional for all repairs, refinishing, or resizing

  • Insure your jewelry on your homeowners or renters insurance policy, or through a company such as Jewelers Mutual

Jewelry cleaning

Gold, Palladium, Platinum

Use warm water, a mild dish detergent (such as Joy or Dawn) and a soft brush to gently clean your precious metal jewelry. Take care around diamonds and any gemstones. Do not soak your jewelry and avoid harsh detergents and chemicals.

Sterling Silver

General cleaning of sterling silver jewelry can be performed using the same method described above.

Tarnish removal on sterling silver jewelry is determined by the metal finish and gemstone composition of the piece. As a general rule, do not use polishing cloths on oxidized or textured surfaces, and do not use chemical cleaners on jewelry containing gemstones. When in doubt, consult the artist or a jewelry professional.

Jewelry Cleaning Services

If your jewelry is in need of a deeper cleaning, tarnish removal, or refinishing (polished, oxidized, or matte finishes) we are happy to restore them for a $10 fee plus any applicable shipping. Please contact us for a repair authorization and shipping instructions.