frequently asked questions


I'm in San Francisco! Can I pick up my purchase in person? 

Yes, but you must make an appointment first.  Contact me to schedule a pickup. 

Do you offer Expedited shipping? 

Yes I do! We offer UPS Overnight ($47) or UPS 2nd Day ($27). Expedited orders must be received by 3:30pm or they will ship out the following business day.  Note that if you are ordering a made to order piece, this does not speed up the production time, only the speed at which we ship when your item is complete. Read more about shipping policies here. 

Can I place a rush order?

If the items is in stock, You can opt for expedited shipping to send your item the fastest means possible.
If the item is made to order, like most of our bridal selections, we can sometimes help. Please contact me with your desired item and delivery date. Handcrafted jewelry takes time so It's always best to plan ahead. 

How long does it take to make a piece of jewelry?

That depends on whether you're ordering an item from our collection or customizing a piece of your own. I try to stock everything needed for regular collection items so I can get them out the door fast. Usually this takes less than 10 business days.

If we're creating a custom design, we need extra time to work out your design and source the perfect materials. Our custom order lead time varies throughout the year based on how many projects are ahead of you in the queue. In most cases, the full custom design process takes between 4 and 8 weeks.

Can you use my diamond or gemstones in a new piece of jewelry?

I only work with customer stones that are diamond, sapphire, ruby or other similar gemstones ranking an 8 or higher on the MOHS hardness scale. We will inspect your gems together [for quality, scratches, cracks, etc.] to determine if they are a good candidate for use in a new design.

A small fee is assessed for the removal of gems and diamonds from your existing jewelry.

Can you use my gold to make a wedding band?

My commitment to sustainability means I like to recycle and reuse wherever I can. Customers can provide their old precious metal jewelry to recycle for credit towards their custom design project. The value will vary based on the jewelry you provide and the current metals market. 

In some cases, I may be able to use the exact gold you provide in the new design. Currently this process is only offered for yellow and rose gold jewelry (white gold often becomes too brittle upon recasting.) The jewelry you provide must be of the same color and karat as the finished piece we are creating. A minimum amount of metal is required for the casting process to work. 

I have an idea for an original engagement ring. Can you help?

Visit our Custom Design page to see the ins-and-outs of working on a custom project with me. Then submit a custom inquiry to tell me more about your idea.

Can you make me a wedding band in sterling silver?

Heirloom items such as bridal jewelry should be made in a metal which can stand the test of time. Silver is great for rings which are worn on occasion, but as metals go it is quite soft. Over the long haul it is prone to scratches and dents and this can lead to losing gemstones. For this reason I choose not to create any wedding rings in silver.

How do I determine my ring size?

The most accurate way to determine your ring size is to visit your local jeweler and have them take your measurement. If you prefer to size yourself at home, I sell a handy ring sizer

Do you repair items made by another jeweler?

No, I do not. It's always best to have your jewelry repaired by the jeweler who made it. They are most familiar with the process used for its creation, and often have the repair materials (such as chains and replacement gems) stocked and ready to use. You may even find they have a warranty on their work like I do!