I am happy to offer a range of custom jewelry design services to bring your personal project to life. From sketch to model to finished design, each piece is created with old world craftsmanship and a loving attention to detail.

All fees outlined in the Custom Design Process below are non refundable, but are applied toward the final purchase price of your jewelry.

Step 1: Consultations


A free consultation kicks off the design process. These can be held via email or in person in my San Francisco Studio.


email Inquiry - Free

Discuss your design idea via email by submitting an inquiry below. Be as detailed as possible about your desired project. Based on the information you share, we can determine if your project is possible in my aesthetic and can be achieved with your desired budget and timeline. 


Design Consultation - Free

Visit my San Francisco studio to brainstorm ideas, view samples, and discuss your jewelry needs.  Based on our meeting we can determine if your project is possible in my aesthetic and can be achieved with your desired budget and timeline.

STEP 2: Design & Pricing


Based on the details from our design consultation, we begin to hone in on the design of your jewelry. During this step we flesh out our style details, timeline, materials and prices. 



Many jewelry designs will require a round of artist renderings to envision the final piece. You will receive 3 sketches depicting different options for your design. One round of revisions is included based on your favorite design. We use this revision round to provide clarity and add personal details.

The fee for sketches is $100 and  is credited towards the purchase price of your jewelry.

Some clients may desire extra design rounds to flesh out the perfect idea. We offer additional artist renderings or wax models (see step 3) for a small fee. 



Based on your budget and the specifications laid out in the design consultation we can seek out up to three specimens for your jewelry project. You can view the gems in person, in photos, or by video. We work with excellent vendors who specialize in antique cut and post-consumer diamonds, colored diamonds, and opaque diamonds with ethical sourcing.

The fee for gemstone sourcing & viewing is $150, and pays for all research and shipping associated with finding your potential gems. If you select a gem you love and wish to purchase it for your project, this gemstone sourcing fee is credited towards the purchase price.



A project quote and delivery timeline is set based on the details from our design consultation, the selected sketch and your chosen diamond or gem (if applicable). 


A 50% deposit is required to begin work on your design. The final 50% will be due upon completion. The promised delivery timeline begins on the date the deposit is paid.

Still need more info to visualize your final project? You can purchase our wax modeling service á la carte to clarify your idea. 



Your project starts to take shape based on the artist rendering you've chosen. 

Wax Model Diamond Eternity Bands by Corey Egan

Carving your wax model begins when the final sketch has been approved and you have paid your initial deposit. You can view and try on the wax model prior to casting. One round of revisions is included at this stage free of charge. If you can not view the model in person, we can send a photo or video for approval.

The a la carte fee for wax modeling is $250. If you love the design and move forward with your project, this wax modeling fee is credited towards your initial deposit. 



Your jewelry creation is in full swing. From here we cast your original wax model, set your gems, and apply all the finishing touches.

Your final deposit is due upon completion of the project. 

The Fine Print

  • All deposits associated with Custom Design are non-refundable, but can be applied towards the purchase price of your finished jewelry.
  • Finished custom designs were created specially for you, and therefore not eligible for return or exchange. 
  • I retain the rights to all sketches & designs proposed during the custom process. You may not use these items to sell or produce this jewelry elsewhere. 
  • In some cases, you may be required to pay for the diamond or gemstone in full before the creation process begins. I will notify you before sourcing the gemstone if this is the case. 

Happy Customers

Palladium bands and Black Diamond Fragment Ring.jpg
Being a designer myself, and someone who had dabbled in jewelry design in a past life, I wanted to be involved in the process
— Jen G. | Mountain View, CA
Corey perfectly delivered on my dream engagement ring
— Sarah W. | San Francisco, CA

Heirloom Diamonds & Gemstones


I happily work with customer's diamonds and gemstones when the project allows. Simply schedule a Custom Design Consultation and bring your gemstones in for assessment.  We will inspect your gems together [for quality, scratches, cracks etc] to determine if they are a good candidate for use in a new design.

recycling gold


My commitment to sustainability means I like to recycle and reuse wherever I can. Customers can provide their old precious metal jewelry to recycle for credit towards their custom design project. The value will vary based on the jewelry you provide and the current metals market. 

In some cases, I may be able to use the exact gold you provide in the new design. Currently this process is only offered for yellow and rose gold jewelry (white gold often becomes too brittle upon recasting.) The jewelry you provide must be of the same color and karat as the finished piece we are creating. A minimum amount of metal is required for the casting process to work. 

Please contact me for a PDF detailing the gold repurposing process. Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis.