Spotted in: The New York Times

It's a big day in my little business, and I'm so happy to share this great feature with you: 

My jewelry was featured in The New York Times!

Corey Egan Angled Fragment Ring in the New York Times February 1st,  2017

Corey Egan Angled Fragment Ring in the New York Times
February 1st,  2017


This timely article (surfacing just two weeks before Valentine’s day) is an exceptional roundup of rings for gifts or proposals. Editor Marianne Rohrlich covers styles that we think of as "unconventional" by today's engagement standards: colored stones, antique diamonds, even silver or plastic rings! 

Whether as a placeholder or as the ring for the long haul, this article acknowledges that your love story is all yours; The way you propose should be too! 

Read the Full Article Here. 


The Fragment Rings

I’ve had a few folks ask, “Why, when you make so many other engagement rings, would they choose to feature this ring?”

Well, my friends. It’s because the rings in the fragment collection are all about possibilities.

For some people, it’s all about style. They are drawn to the unconventional faceted shape and the slight edginess of the design. Others are seek out a ring with a touch of sparkle, but one that doesn’t center around having a huge diamond.

These rings have been used time and again for promise rings and proposals. Sometimes, a couple has agreed to shop for their wedding set together but they still want a special ring for the proposal. Popping the question with a fragment ring surprises her with a unique ring in the moment that she'll happily wear on her other hand once you've picked out your wedding set. 

This is where the fragment rings really shine. They make exceptional gifts, but are unique enough to mark your special moments.


Make Them Your Own

Just this week two lovely women visited my shop to order custom rings for their wedding day. After trying on a few sizes and colors, they wound up choosing the tiny fragment rings but made with gold fragments.

Which leads me to the next thing I love about the fragment rings: customization!

The fragment rings are edgy on their own, but they are easy to customize and make them your own! One simple way to add a personal touch is with a bit of engraving on the inside of the band. Perhaps we mark it with the date you met, or the date you ask for her hand. A nickname or encouraging word is super thoughtful too. 

A more obvious way to shake up the look is by adding more diamonds or throwing in some yellow gold.  The most common request I get is place the fragment on a yellow gold band so the oxidized fragment really pops. The same contrast magic happens when you replace the fragment with one that is solid gold. 


Some clients have requested a few additional diamonds for a constellation look. Sometimes, we use those diamonds and pavé a whole facet corner to corner. Diamonds not your thing? That's OK too! We can use other gems such as sapphires, rubies, or even alexandrite.

Don't let the options overwhelm you! The point of the fragment rings are to let your personality shine through. Have fun with it! 

Do you have a fragment ring? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below, or show us a pic with the tag #CEFragmentRing on Instagram!


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