New & Improved: Refining my Blog's Mission

You may have noticed that things look a little different around here.

This summer my blog received an overhaul. And to be honest… it was about time. 

Over the years I’ve had a very casual approach to blogging. I’d pop in on occasion to share custom work or to write about a recent trip or events. I rarely felt like I had something to say that was worthy of a post. It seems silly in hindsight, but I hadn’t wrapped my brain around the ways a blog could help me communicate my craft and share my knowledge with readers. It turns out, I was focusing on just a few facets of the big picture.

What I really needed to write about was not just the inspiration I felt and the products I was making. I have a lot more to offer. These things include an authentic look at my business in action, as well as sharing my jewelry expertise in a friendly, relatable way.

To me, this blog revamp was about more than just a shiny new look. I’ve set out on a new mission and needed a clean slate. 

My mission is this:

To provide jewelry knowledge that is helpful and relatable
Share an authentic look into the journey of a creative business owner
To provide inspiration and motivation for others in their creative pursuits


After 10 years in the jewelry industry, which includes years of working for goldsmiths and galleries before launching my own collection, I’ve been faced with a wide range of questions. Folks want to fully understand the jewelry purchases they are about to make, and they want more insight into the collection they already own.

I get it. The jewelry world is not very transparent. And even I have found myself frustrated with the quality of info when you type a question into Google. Some answers are too vague, and other sites way too technical. Nearly all of them have poor photography — or worse — computer renderings instead of the real deal!

So, slowly but surely, I’ve set out to answer the most frequently asked questions here on my blog. I’m committed to creating strong, helpful visuals, including real life photos of the metals and gems. And when I’m researching a topic and I need to call in the big guns, I’ll interview experts in the industry that can give honest answers to our questions.

Below are a few of the topics I've covered so far. Have questions of your own? Leave me a comment.


It takes a lot of time and energy to be at the helm of a creative business. 

And the truth of the matter is, it’s not all dreamy studio mornings sipping tea and musing over my sketchbook. Owning a business can be exciting-frustrating-monotonous-inspiring-sweaty-dusty-exhausting-and-rewarding all before I even sip on that morning tea. (Or, since we’re practicing honesty, I probably put hot water on for tea and got distracted by my to-do list.)

I’m promising to share a little more of what goes on behind the curtain here in the shop. I’ll provide a closer look at what goes into my work, more of what makes my business tick, and (for my fellow biz owners out there) some lessons and tools I’ve picked up along the way that help me make it happen.



Some great ideas are worth spreading. And if it’s brought me joy or inspiration, or challenged me to think from a different perspective, I’ll take a moment to share with you. 



I’m learning that quality, focused content is going to take time. Getting into the habit of writing frequently and honestly feels good. It’s forcing me to shake off some cobwebs and getting a little easier each time. I’m hoping to share something new with you weekly. 

…and as for my backlog of 100+ older posts? As my content grows I’ll retire the ones that don’t contribute to the greater mission. But, for now, you can enjoy them for a little longer.