Embracing Discomfort TEDx talk by Corey Rich

Corey Rich is one of the world's foremost adventure photographers. His vision sends him to remote locations around the world for clients such as Red Bull, Nikon, North Face and Patagonia. He's an impressive mix of talented photographer and athlete, keeping pace with the world's most impressive climbers and adventurers while documenting their passions.

My husband and I are lucky enough to also call Corey a friend. So when he accepted the call to speak at the TEDx Conference in Carson City, we jumped at his invitation to tag along for the event.

Corey closed out the day with an inspiring talk about embracing discomfort - How it is during the times where were are pushed outside of our comfort zone that we can be our most creative and productive selves. 

In his own words: 
"As an adventure photographer and filmmaker, my job, in a way, is to document people taking risks and going outside of their comfort zones. These people are some of the happiest people I know, so I have to wonder, why do so many of us associate happiness with comfort? (Think beach vacations).

Even in my experience as a photographer, it’s those times when I’m really hungry, or really cold, or really scared or stressed—in other words, those times when I’m really uncomfortable—that have led to the most productive, creative, and memorable moments of my life. And they’ve also been some of the moments I’ve been most happy."

We may not all be adventure photographers or mountain climbers but we are each faced with challenges that cause us discomfort as we step out and grow. What do these times look like? It could be starting a brand new job. Or moving to a city where you may not know anyone. Perhaps you're creating your passion project and need to put it out in the world to see how it is received. I can personally say that I've been through each of these situations, and while it can be hard work that leaves me quite vulnerable, I've come out better for it on the other side.

What does embracing discomfort look like in your life? Is our friend Corey onto something?