100 Days of Drawing // Week 6

Hello friends! Thanks so much for patience. It took me longer to share these drawings than I expected. I love taking time away for vacations, but I do scramble to catch up when I return to a full inbox and a laundry list of jewelry orders. It took me a few days to finally carve out time for my blog. I wanted to group all of my Yosemite drawings together, so Sunday from Week 6 will appear as the first drawing of Week 7 which posts tomorrow.

Without further delay... Week 6!

Day 36 // Matchbox

Day 37 // Fresh Lemon from the tree

Day 38 // Oxfords

Day 39 // U-Lock

Day 40 // Binoculars - packing these babies for our camping trip!

Day 41 // Backpack - filled with goodies for Yosemite!