100 Days of Drawing // Week 5

I'm excited for the bit of travel I have scheduled for the next month. After a few weeks of bumbling around my house and workshop looking for items to draw, I'm itching for some new material. The things I figured would make lovely still life scenes, such as wine glasses or coffee mugs, just seem stale in comparison to melted wax, lush leaves or soft bristles. This discovery has me re-assessing my lineup of reference material. It's time to hit the road with my sketchbook in tow!

 Day 29 // beeswax candle and ceramic dish

Day 30 // Red wine glass

Day 31 // Fuji apple

Day 32 // Bench sweeping brush

Day 33 // Oxygen and propane torch handle

Day 34 // Denim apron

Day 35 // Tape Measure