100 Days of Drawing // Week 3

I am one-fifth of my way through the 100 day project. Ugh...  so many more days to go! I had a few days this week where I was about 80% of the way through my drawing and realized I really didn't like it. Examples of this include Day 15 with the film reel, or Day 18 with the coffee mug. I had to remind myself that this project is not about perfection, but simply an exercise in commitment and consistency. I'm a little proud, so there's a chance I'll revisit these items later in the project just to prove to myself I'm capable of better.

Day 15 // Film Reel

Day 16 // Safety Goggles -  Fun Fact: I have a small face. These are a kids size.

Day 17 // Particle Mask

Day 18 // Coffee Mug - I promised myself that the day I drew my coffee that it would be the greatest coffee cup I could possibly draw. I mean, it's so basic, It should be easy-peasy!  Turns out, my actual sketch didn't live up to the hype.

Day 19 // Snuggling Cats - These sleeping kitties are cute, but they don't really look like my kitties. They are bound to be used as subjects each week so I'll practice getting those expressions right.

Day 20 - Bananas

Day 21 // Cactus Skeleton - This one was pretty cool! Wish I had allowed myself a little more time on it to capture the details.