100 Days of Drawing // Week 2

The 100 Day Project has reached the end of Week 2! I have to admit, this commitment is still proving to be tough. I like to think I'm good at exercising self discipline. I really take pride in the dedication I exercise by showing up and getting down to work day after day. Despite this focused mindset, I'm still finding it so difficult to make time for my daily drawing.

I started my week off trying to squeeze them in during my lunch break at the shop. I felt like I was checking off one of the many to-do list tasks in my day. But after a few days I fell out of this habit. Things in the studio were commanding more of my attention. So I began drawing each night when I returned home. In that setting, I tried to envision the sketches as less like work and more like a cool down after my busy day. In both contexts it was still tough to find the time, but I do find that I'm getting faster at honing in on subject matter.

Days 8 & 9 // Pliers and Rawhide Mallet - It's funny how one can use the same tools each day without really looking at them.

Day 10 // Wall vase with air plants, turkey feathers and cook pines.

Day 11 // Big cat in the window seat, aka "Hurry up and draw as much as you can before he moves!"

Day 12 // House plants reaching for the sunny window

Day 13 // Sleeping Cat Paws - One would think that a cat sleeps all day and barely moves. But in fact, they sleep all day and move just enough every few moments to keep you from being able to draw them.

Day 14 // Leather Camera Bag