Why You Should Purchase from Brick and Mortar Shops

There’s a trend that’s picking up steam lately, and I’ve heard the story from retailers and customers alike: Customers come into a shop and are delighted by the products and selection. They peruse the shelves and try a few things on. They fall in love with something special. But ultimately they head home... to purchase from the maker online.

These shoppers often have good intentions. They feel they are doing the noble thing by seeking out the artist to buy direct. They’re “supporting the artist!” And it’s so very kind of them to consider our well-being. 

But today, I’d like to share a few reasons why buying our products right from those brick and mortar shops IS a great way to support the artist. And though you may not realize it, It’s supporting your local community too. Let’s take a moment to explore how these shops help us both. 

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How Does Oxidized Silver Wear?

How does oxidized jewelry wear over time? How long can you expect the blackened patina on jewelry to last?  

The look of your blackened silver piece will gradually change over time, so it’s best to brace yourself for the evolution of the piece when you purchase it, or prepare to have it touched up from time to time. Re-blackening is a quick process and often offered as a free service from the artist or store where you purchased the jewelry.

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What is Oxidized Silver?

What is Oxidized Silver? 

A piece of blackened or oxidized silver is true sterling silver, but it’s surface has been intentionally darkened through by introducing it to a chemical process. This patina, a surface color that occurs when the silver is introduced to sulfides, is a sped up version of the natural tarnishing process. A layer of silver sulfide forms on the exterior of the metal giving it a blackened look.

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Comparing Mens Wedding Band Widths

Today I’d like to shed some light on a question you might have about your future wedding band: How wide do you go? 

Every wedding band I create is offered from 2mm up to 7mm (or more) in width. While this provides a plethora of options for customizing your wedding band, it might be hard to envision the difference a millimeter or two will make when it comes to the actual look of your wedding ring. 

So today I'd like to illustrate the visual differences between rings of different widths. In addition to the excellent side-by-side photo you see below, I’ve enlisted a friend to model the Muir Half Round Band on his hand.

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Carat Comparison

What is a carat? And what do different carat sizes look like on a hand? 

Diamonds and other gemstones are measured in a unit of weight known as a carat. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams.

In this article you can see a comparison of common round diamond sizes,  from .25 carat up to 1.5 carats, on a real hand for scale.

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How Should My Wedding Ring Fit?

For many people a wedding ring is the first piece of jewelry they ever wear, day-in and day-out. It’s no wonder that there are so many questions around finding the proper fit! Every person has a slightly different finger shape and size, but a few rules of thumb do hold true. Proper fit and comfort are key for a lifetime of wear.

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Guide to Diamond Shapes

When you're on the hunt for an engagement ring, your first order of business is to determine a diamond shape. The shape you choose has the most noticeable impact on the overall look of the ring. Some shapes are dazzling and modern while others hearken to vintage designs. Luckily, choosing a diamond shape is largely based on style and personal preference.

Of all the characteristics which come into play when choosing your diamond,  your recipient is likely have the strongest feelings about its shape. It's a smart idea to check in with your loved one to see if they have a favorite from the start. Other attributes that you'll consider later (like size, color and clarity) will have a more significant impact on the price tag and can be fine tuned down the line.

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What is a Hallmark?

When you present an item to a jeweler for inspection or repair, the first thing they will do is flip it over to search for a hallmark. Why? Because a wealth of knowledge can be learned from these small marks imprinted on your jewelry!

A hallmark is an official stamp found on precious metal items that indicates the composition of the metal and its purity. Hallmarks may also include valuable information about the jewelry’s manufacturer and origin.

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