52 Hikes Challenge

Upon moving from San Francisco to Oakland nearly 3 years ago, I discovered an incredible network of hiking trails just outside of my back door. I would venture up into the Oakland Hills on weekday mornings to stretch my legs before heading into the studio. On weekends I'd set out with my husband on longer treks to truly explore. Before long, each camping trip began to center around where we might like to hike. 

Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, CA March 2016

Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, CA
March 2016

I took to hiking so quickly because it fed my desire for getting into nature and gave me time for contemplation. I enjoy the challenge of a steep trail that pays off in sweeping vistas when you reach the top. I geek out over each animal I encounter on the trail. I appreciate the meditative nature of a solo hike; So many dreams and ideas for my business have been fleshed out on the trail. 

With a little inspiration from my friend Sara, who in 2016 set out on a hiking project of her own, I was moved to turn my hiking hobby into a personal challenge. 

I'm challenging myself to 52 unique hikes in 2017.

Without putting much thought into it, I covered over 35 hikes in 2016. At least, that's what I was able to recall from my camera roll and Strava history. So pushing a little further to reach 52 doesn't seem too lofty of a goal. The trick will be finding a unique hike each time.

#52hikesin2017 will encourage me to explore new regional, state, and National Parks everywhere I go. 


The Rules

  • 52 hikes over the course of 1 year
  • 2.5 mile minimum for each hike
  • Each hike should cover a new park or new set of trails
  • On the occasions I'm hiking in the same park as before, only 1/3 of the trails I cover can be repeats (out-and-back routes are OK)


What I'll Share

I don't believe I could keep up with an in-depth story for each hike (after all, I've got a business to run!) But I can share the following bits as I chronicle my journey:

  • photos
  • route
  • a quick Q&A
  • any additional musings from my time on the trail.


The Goal

Fulfilling a personal challenge. Appreciation for our natural resources. Health. Meditation. Inspiration.  


I'm excited for the adventure ahead and am eager to share it with you. 

Have suggestions for hikes I shouldn't miss? Please share it in the comments below. And I hope you enjoy following along!