#4 - Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area

Kennedy Grove is a Regional Recreation Area located north of the San Pablo Reservoir in Contra Costa County. It is home to a few miles of looping hiking trails and outdoor picnic areas.

Distance Hiked: 2.9 miles

Flora: California Live Oaks. Eucalyptus Trees. A variety of mushrooms due to our recent heavy rains. 

Fauna: Anna's hummingbird, Squirrels

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My friend Jen joined me for this mid-day hike.  We had originally set out to explore the trails around the San Pablo Reservoir but discovered it was closed for the season. Just a few minutes down the road we found ourselves in Kennedy Grove and on a nice steep hike up the Lower Seafoam Trail and onward to the Upper Seafoam Trail.

These trails are a great loop for those seeking just an hour or so of outdoor activity.