#6 China Camp State Park

China Camp is a California State Park located o San Pablo Bay near San Rafael, California. It is the site of a historic Chinese American shrimp-fishing village and salt marsh. 

Distance: 6.3 miles

Flora: Manzanita, California Live Oak, Redwoods

Fauna: Cranes, Deer, Hummingbirds, California Newt

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Planning my hikes has been challenging due to the amount of rain the Bay Area received this winter.

Each time I set out on a hike, I first have to pull up the website for each park and search for alerts and trail closures. Whole parks have been closed due to flooding. Many warn of landslides and unsafe trail conditions.

To stay on the bright side, I remind myself of the lovely wildflowers we’ll have when the rain subsides. 

My husband joined me on my hike through China Camp State Park, and although we found ourselves a route that avoided the main trail closures, the weather still turned out to be quite erratic. One minute we had sun. The next it began to rain, so we donned our waterproof jackets and pants to continue the trek. The sun returned, so we stopped yet again to remove excess layers. Then—in 30 second spurts—hail. 

Despite the weather, China Camp was a very special place. We spotted cranes, deer, and hummingbirds. I even encountered a California newt. I wondered how much more wildlife would emerge on a sunny afternoon. 

This was also the first trip were Strava failed to record my full route. Thankfully, my husbands watch was keeping track.